UK Medical Product Liability Compensation Claim Solicitors – Defective Products

Defective medical products do appear on the market from time to time notwithstanding rigorous testing. In the medical sector these products range from advanced pharmaceutical drugs to complex bio-mechanical devices. Current product liability law in Ireland is mainly derived from the EU which is attempting to harmonise the regulations throughout Europe with as much as 80% of this sector covered by EU regulations with the remaining areas still being governed by local national legislation. If you have been injured as a result of the normal use of a defective product our medical negligence solicitor may be able to claim damages on your behalf from designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Product liability law is often complex and it is to your advantage to instruct a medical negligence solicitor as soon as possible after the event to ensure that you preserve your legal right to receive compensation.

Categories of Defects

A consumer is entitled to instruct a medical negligence solicitor take legal action to claim compensation for personal injury if they are harmed by a defective medical product. There are four main areas of product liability as follows :-

Defective Design

Some medical products are intrinsically unsafe resulting from errors in the basic design that have not been recognised in the testing process.

Defective Manufacture

Products that have satisfactory design may be poorly manufactured and defects that have been introduced during the manufacturing process may not be picked up by quality control.

Misleading Description

This can take a number of guises including defective instructions, inaccurate manual, erroneous contra indications or mis sold products that don’t accord with the sales particulars or salespersons verbal or written decription.

Defective Surveillance

This occurs when a defect is recognised and inadequate efforts are thereafter made to rectify the problem and to recall the defective product. Manufacturers should personally contact purchasers where possible and carry out substantial advertising campaigns to ensure total recall of the product where possible.